ANTIBAC® is our newest invention in fabric protection chemical. Since its release to the airline and automotive industry, ANTIBAC® has garnered multiple awards as environmentally-friendly solutions for the fast paced airline industry. Its fast acting and intelligent molecule allow airline and land transport industry to keep its interior clean and germ free in a matter of minutes. Automobile and airline passengers are healthier and traveled better. Its unique and patented hydrophobic solutions not only keep seat and carpet fabrics looking new but also able to resist dirts, liquids, and microbes infestation. 

ANTIBAC® comes in non-aerosol pump spray that is easy to use and protects your seat and carpet fabrics for up to six months once applied. ANTIBAC® is backed by science and approved by Boeing to cause “no harm” to delicate interior.

About SKYChem

SkyChem was incorporated in Lakeland, FL in February 1992. SkyChem started as a aircraft service provider focusing in aircraft interior and exterior maintenance. Overtime, our maintenance business  expanded and started to cater to personal watercraft and automotive industry. Our expertise and knowledge in aircraft, marine, and automotive include, but not limited to, exterior cleaning, refinishing, and interior cleaning, and antibacterial treatment. We started to develop our eco-friendly chemicals from the get go and from the beginning of our services. Our exterior and interior cleaning solutions are free of chlorine and CFCs earning us U.S. EPA awards over the years. 

We actively pursue environmentally friendly solutions and at the same time strive to keep air, land, and water travel safe.