Your Living Environment Sterilized

Introducing ANTIBAC®

Innovation in Disinfection

Who is Sky Chem USA?

SkyChem is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sky Hudson of Lakeland, FL. We specialized in aircraft disinfection service since 1992. Our services include cabin cleaning and disinfection of commercial and private airlines. Our expertise and experience in mass transport cleaning, disinfection and sterilization has enabled us to develop eco-friendly and effective sanitizing-chemicals. SkyChem has three (3) divisions handling aviation/marine, automotive industry and general use sanitizer products.

Latest Innovation in Germ Fighting Chemicals

Introducing ANTIBAC®

In light of recent world events, there has become a high demand for sanitizing and disinfecting solutions.

ANTIBAC® is an eco-friendly disinfecting and sterilizing chemicals designed to be used on living areas where people congregate. ANTIBAC® is odorless and clear. It sanitizes and disinfects various surfaces without altering color or texture. 

Our products are formulated with human health in mind.