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ANTIBAC® Sanitizers & Disinfectant

In light of recent COVID-19 pandemic, many of our customers ask us whether it is enough to use no brand, home mix 65% Alcohol + 35% water solution. The answer is yes with some cautions, home made alcohol based sanitizer solution is good and effective in killing human corona virus (CDC page) given that it is formulated with the correct mix. To achieve better result, the European Standard EN-13697 and EN-14476 advises surface sanitizers/disinfectants to have three (3) different alcohols consisting of 96% ethanol, 99% 1-propanol, and 99% 2-propanol (at total of 70% v/v) to achieved maximum efficacy and broad spectrum virucidal and bactericidal classification.

What's in ANTIBAC® Multi-Purpose Sanitizers?

Hospital Grade Sanitizers

Skychem only makes the highest hospital grade sanitizers that comply with and approved by the U.S. CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the World Health Organization guidelines.

Our active ingredients are EPA registered and third-party verified to the latest standard for human safety and germ killing efficacy.

Active Ingredients:
EPA Reg No. 67619-29 Ethanol RTU (Ready To Use) (Saginaw)

EPA Reg No. 1677-249 Iso-Propyl Alcohol RTU (mfg. by ECOLAB) .

1-Propanol RTU synthesized by Skychem USA.

The combination of 3 types of alcohol (70% v/v content) in our formulas classified our product as a broad spectrum sanitizer. Broad-spectrum  means it removes wide variety of pathogens & micro-organisms, with a very few spores may remain. This is why ANTIBAC® can ‘kills 99.9% germs’. Our sanitizing products are called sanitizing because they are effective on 99.9% of micro-organisms, with the following characteristics:

  • Hospital grade sanitizing is achieved with 70%v/v full strength combination of ethanol, 1-propanol and iso-propyl alcohol – (most sanitizer products use between 60% – 68% v/v to save cost and are not suitable to be called hospital grade sanitization).
  • Rapid effect in dismantling lipid membrane of human corona virus thus dissolving protein and RNA cores in 30 seconds or less. 

Please be warned: other sanitizer product with less than 60%v/v (and no USP certification) will have reduced the efficacy to sanitize.

Is ANTIBAC® Multi-Surface Sanitizer safe to use on human skin?

The answer is yes. ANTIBAC® inactive ingredients are formulated with FDA and USP standards. 
ANTIBAC® contains:
– Propanediol 1-2 PDO corn derived to serve as humectant to prevent skin from drying up
– Tocopherol naturally derived
– Dowanol® PnB – biodegradeable

Our products undergo the most stringent standard by the EPA to have negligible/low toxicity: which means every drops have slow skin & dermal absorption and non-irritating to skin, and are readliy metabolized by human body.

Latest Innovation in Public Transport Disinfectant

ANTIBAC® Disinfectant

ANTIBAC® disinfectant is effective in rapid sterilization of public transport, be it aircraft, large cruise ships, buses, and trains.

Our disinfectant contains:

Active Ingredients:
EPA Reg No. 10324-57 Maquat 42
Quaternary Ammonium (mfg. by Mason Chem) dilutable.

EPA Reg No. 10324-59 Maquat 64 Hydrogen Peroxide (mfg. by Mason Chem) dilutable.

EPA Reg No. 67619-29 Ethanol RTU (Ready To Use) with 5 minutes contact time.

EPA Reg No. 1677-249 Iso-Propyl Alcohol RTU (mfg. by ECOLAB) .

1-Propanol RTU synthesized by Skychem USA.

Material safety:
ANTIBAC® is safe to use on:
– metallic surface – after cleaning required
– various polymer plastic
– synthetic fabric (no odor detected after 15 min of application)
– natural fabric
– wood products and coatings